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Today the best company you can start with is digital marketing with low investment and high income. The main technique of earning money from your relevant content is the digital marketing blogging. If you plan to start your blogs, we will talk about some of the best blogging platforms free of charge and mention the best platforms that you can use for your own blogs.

  • WordPress (

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It’s a free online blogging platform, which lets people create a website and publish their posts. WordPress is well known for its free blogging platforms. The best part about this blogging tool is that you can create a free website with every name and start blogging just by adding several pages and articles, and the website builder provides several drags and drop options where you can create a website. One of WordPress ‘ best features is that you can add multiple plugins to your blogs to suit your needs.

  • Wix (

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Once again, you can build your own blogs free of charge with your individual name. Wix was named the second best free blogging platform after WordPress, but the gap in the two blogging platforms is much smaller according to user reviews. Wix also runs on the drag and drop feature, so that this framework is also a resource for building a Website. This platform’s user interface is very modern and simple to use. If you are new in this area, you won’t have to build a website without having any trouble and start posting blogs free of charge.

  • Weebly (

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A well-known website construction company that is best suited to blogs that sell or view your product portfolio. Again, this platform uses Drag & Drop method to build your own websites and to begin posting your own blogs. Weebly provides sidebars, media boxes and many other plugins that enhance the look and feel of your website. With the customized domain, you can create blogs so that your blogs are identified by their name.

The above was the best blogging platforms free to create a web site and post blogs with a custom domain name. Ideally we have given you sufficient information on this subject.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for reading.

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